Durston Garden Products
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a specially
blend of
organic materials
from renewable sources,
benefitting the environment
by enabling the reduction of
the use of peat and producing
a long-lasting nutrient boost
when growing your plants.



Durston Brochure

Durstons is both a manufacturer of growing media and supplier of
complementary gardening products. Its reputation for quality and service is recognised throughout the United Kingdom.


Durstons LorryDuring our 150 year existence many changes have taken place, not least the transformation of manufacture from traditional manual working to a fully automated modern plant capable of producing and packing a wide diversification of products.


We now have the capability, denied to the larger conglomerates, to adapt or change our product base, specifications, levels of production and packaging to comply with the most stringent requirements of our customers.


The strengths within this modern organisation are due in no small part to the work of Chris and Steve Durston, our current Directors. During the past fifteen years, Durstons have established a fine reputation for sound business practice in which the quality of our products and our responsibility for customer satisfaction forms the highest priority.


These strengths allow Durstons to furnish the needs of customers across the entire spectrum of the modern garden products business in a wide range of retail outlets.


Durston Garden Products offer our customers:

Extensive knowledge and expertise in the production of quality growing media.

Quality products with consistent performance, creating brand loyalty.

An efficient and friendly sales team handling enquiries and orders.

Careful attention to customer requirements, whether from the largest of organisations or the smallest of individual retailers.

A highly efficient delivery team allows Durstons to accept even the most rigorous delivery schedules.

A capability to deliver part-loads to a small retailer on a regular basis, as well as full load deliveries to major customers.

Flexible working practices (a highly automated factory with a flexible approach) allowing customers both product choice and specification.

The traditional values of the Durston family provide for a 'no quibble' guarantee in the unlikely event of a complaint.